The Last Brush Strokes


It’s time. It’s really happening. I’m in awe. Someone smack me.

We just got the message we’ve been waiting for. The last brush strokes have been made and as soon as the paint dries, our illustrations will be converted to high quality digital images. I cannot wait to share these incredible illustrations with you. When Hannah sent me a preview of the final illustration, it brought tears to my eyes. There are some big surprises in store and this first book is sure to have a lasting impact on all who read it.

Like a song that gets stuck in your head…

What’s Next

Now, it’s my turn to work my tail off. I’ve been working on page layout with my editor over the last couple of weeks at my own pace and I haven’t really dug in to this task yet. It’s time to dig in and get it done. I’ll refocus and re-prioritize myself and work extremely hard on finishing the layout for the illustrations we have so that when we get the rest, I’m ready to tackle them with my editor and get this book put together and on its way to the printer.

When Can Orders Be Placed?

After we receive the first printed book and it passes all the checks and re-checks, my publisher will place the first order for my book to stock my website order portal as well as get it on the shelves everywhere! My editor informed me last week that the printer is estimating 8-12 week print times with the holiday rush. 

It’s my hope that even if my books aren’t finished printing in time for a 2018 release date, we’ll be able to take pre-orders and have those shipped as soon as the printer is done.


Stay tuned folks – the wheels are rolling again and big things are happening. I want to share this incredible journey with you so I hope you’ll connect with me, or subscribe to keep in touch.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering The ABCs According to Charlie, please send us an email. My publisher would like to have books on hand so knowing who wants a book immediately will help them decide how many books to order to accommodate both the pre-orders and web orders we’ll get.






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10 Replies to “The Last Brush Strokes”

  1. Of course I would like 2 of the first
    ones out, autographed by both
    you and Hannah. So proud of you
    two! So glad I could connect you!

    1. You got it Tracy! I’ll make sure yours is signed. I’ll forever be grateful to you for connecting Hannah and I. She is amazing and I feel so incredibly lucky to have her illustrating my book.

  2. I am so blessed to have you as my
    cousin and more blessed to have
    you as my friend. I am beyond
    words proud of you! Maybe you
    won’t have to do your own dishes
    for too much longer 😘

    1. I love you too Cousin. I’m afraid I’m stuck doing my own dishes…I’ve become one of those “rearrange the dishwasher people” and won’t let anyone else do it!

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